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Related article: Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 01:22:35 EDT From: Tnerb65aol.com Subject: Chance and Brian Chapter 13Disclaimer: This story is purely fiction, I do not know any boy band members and probably never will, or do I claim to know there sexual orientation, or do I care.. If homosexuality offends you in anyway then please do not read any further and leave. filipina model If you are to young to read this then leave now.Again thank you to everyone who has written me.. it is very much appreciated. Chapter 13 Chance and Brian *************************************************** I stood there dumbfounded I evvita model couldnt believe that Brian wasnt sitting there. I knew if I didnt get off the stage soon I was going to start crying so I waved to the crowd and gave Wy a hug. She hugged me tight and said "dont worry he was there for most of the song.. hes probably at the side of the stage waiting for you.. he loves you so much Chance."I kissed her on the cheek and said "I hope so, if not I did this all for nothing.""It wasnt nothing chance we got to hear you sing.. and it was wonderful." she saidI told her thank you again and waved to the audience as I was walking off the stage. I got to the stage entrance and Brian wasnt there. I saw Sam and said "Sam have you seen Brian?""Yes Chance he went to the restroom, he said something about not feeling very good.""Ok great.. thanks Sam." I said as I started walking towards the bathroom. Once I reached the bathroom I pushed nude kid modells the door open and walked in only to hear someone moaning.. my thoughts were oh my vintage female models he must really be sick and just didnt tell me.. I walked further into the bathroom... its one of them that have six stalls. I walked over to the stall that was closed and heard.. "Oh yea Bryan your so good."My world ended.. I couldnt believe what I was hearing.. he was moaning loudly. and whispering ......"..yes Bryan faster, im almost there."I couldnt believe it.. vlad models forums under models how could he.... Why..... the tears started to fall.... he told me so many times how much he loved me.. how could he do this too me.. I stepped back from the door crying.. actually sobbing.. I wanted to die.. I wanted it to russian child modelsites all be over with.. I wanted to go get my son and go home... I had to get out of there.. I started walking towards the door when I heard.. "is someone out there"I didnt know what to do.. I was crying really hard and I wanted to curl up into a ball and stay there until all the tears where gone.. still sobbing I walked back over to the door and kicked it as hard as I could..I heard someone gasp as the door hit them.. I stood looking Brian in the eye and said " how could you.. you son of a bitch.. you told me you loved me.. and your doing this.. I hope he makes you very happy because I can guarantee that you will never see me again.."He just stood there with a shocked look on his face, he couldnt believe that he was caught.."So Brian when you go back on the road is this what you do.. are you a friggin cheater.. is that what you do.!!!!!!!!! I Screamed at him while tears were streaming down my face..Brian started to say something but I stopped him.. "DONT even try to make excuses Brian... Here let me give you one.. oh sorry Chance, my pants feel down and then Bryan tripped and my dick ended up in his mouth.. hows that for one Brian.. ... YOU are one sorry son of a bitch.. I cannot believe I let you into my life and you do this to me.. I dont ever want to see you again.!!!!!!!!! I vlad models forums told you model empire wis when we started this the worst things you can do to me is Lie and Cheat and you have succeded in doing it havent you.., you sorry piece of shit.!!"I turned and walked vlad models forums out the door.. and ran into Sam. I was crying so hard now I couldnt hardly see.. he looked at me and said " Oh my god Chance whats wrong."Just then the bathroom door flew open and Brian came running out..I looked at Sam and Said "Hes whats wrong, that mother fuckers a cheater.. ask him who just had his dick in his mouth.. it sure the fuck wasnt me..." Thats when I broke down.... and everything went black..I heard Wynonna say "Chance are you ok.." she shook me hard and said "Chance." I mumbled "yes Wy im fine.. im fine really..""Are you sure your ok you had me worried., your looking a little white like youve seen a ghost." I realized i was still standing on the stage hugging her... i looked back to the seat that brian had been sitting in only to see it empty.I looked back at Wynonna as a tear slipped down my cheek and said " Im fine Wy, I havent eaten that much today, maybe its from lack of food.""Then why are you crying chance???" she asked.I again looked back to the seat that was empty.. she hugged me tighter and said " usenet models tgp He loves you Chance and dont ever doubt that, and now turn and look behind you.. the person that you seem to be searching for is standing there waiting for you just off stage.. and by the looks of it if you dont go soon, he will come out here and get you."I kissed her on the cheek and told her thank you. and turned and walked towards the stage exit.I caught site of Brian standing just off the stage as Wy had said. As I approached him I realized just how much I truly did love him with all of my heart. As I got closer I could tell that he had been crying, I walked up to him and noticed the beautiful smile on his face..My heart leapt from want, desire and love. I knew that I could and possibly would spend the rest of my life with the man standing in front of me.He saw the look on my face and nodded. He understood what and how I felt without me having to say a word."Chance I need to talk to you for a minute.""Ok" I chocked out trying not to cry.Brian led me to a small office right off stage. he opened the door young models fennix and motioned for me to go in.. I walked in and he followed.. while shutting and locking the door behind him... he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me and started crying...I kissed a tear away and said "Tig, Why are you crying?"Sobbing he said "That was the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever done for me.... I cant tell you what it meant model train layouts to me babe.""Bri... I love you with all my heart... I did it to show you that I truly do love you."Wiping his face on my shirt.. he said "I never doubted that for a minute baby, as every day passes I realize how much I want us to be together for the rest of our lives.""Bri, I feel the same way.."He pulled back and looked deep into my soul and said "Chance, I love you with all my heart..""Bri.... I will love you always and forever."He hugged me tighter and said "what was that all about out there on the stage Chance?""What do you mean Brian" I was hoping he didnt see what happened, but as you guessed I was wrong."When the song ended and Wy was models naked hugging you, I thought you were going to pass out.. you were so flushed, almost white. I was ready to run on stage and carry you off if I had to.""Bri, when I looked out and you werent in your seat I freaked.. I thought that I had made you mad..or that something was wrong.. then it went into my worst fears.." I said as a single tear ran from my eye and down my cheek..Brian wiped couple model nude it away and said "So start talking. we need to talk about this. ""Well........ I had this little day dream nude gut models I guess and it consisted of catching you cheating on me with someone....""And that someone would be?" he askedI mumbled "Bryan White"He busted out laughing and said "Baby.... Bryan White is as straight as they come.. and I would never do anything like that. I love you more than I could ever show or say. You will never ever have to worry about that with me Chance.. Never.""I know Brian, its just an insecurity that I have to deal with.""Chance, you mean more to me than anything in my life.. I want you and only you."I could only smile as a few more tears ran down my cheek.. and Brian kissed them off..I asked "Brian can we go home please?""Of course we can, let me call for the limo really quick." he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number and informed the driver that we were ready to go.. I heard Brian say "Ok... we will meet you at the entrance."Brian grabbed my hand and said "lets go babe." as he pulled me towards the door.. I released his hand as he opened nude kid modells the door and said.. "Bri, im kinda hungry... how about you?"He said "yes... now that you mention it we havent eaten since this morning and I am hungry, did you want to stop and amateur plump model eat something or did you want to order something from room service?"I asked "can we just order room service, I wanna get out of these clothes and get into something comfortable and maybe relax a little before bed.""Sounds like a great idea Babe, thats what we will do then."We walked from the backstage area, through the arena and out the front doors, the limo was waiting for us at the entrance. I got in followed by Brian, I sat down and got comfortable.. Brian sat down between my legs and laid back against my stomach. I wrapped my arms around him and sighed contently.He tilted his head back and said "You ok?""Tig I am more than ok... im great." I said smiling sweetly at him."Thats good, because im great too." he said.. "no I would have to make that awesome Babe.... I am awesome."I bent down and kissed him and said "thats good to hear."We rode back to the hotel in silence, we really didnt have to say anything, we knew how we felt about each other and we both were pretty tired...at one point I could hear Brian softly snoring, so I just wrapped my models naked arms around him a little tighter. He sighed and snuggled into my arms and I barely heard "I love you Chance." I whispered back "I love you too Brian."The driver rolled the partition window down and said "were getting vlad models forums close to the hotel, Im going to drop you off at the side entrance since there is still a lot of fans at the front entrance."I vintage female models told him "thank you" and tried to wake Brian up. I shook him a little and said "Bri, come on sweetie wake up, we are almost at the hotel." He didnt move so I shook him a little harder and said "Brian, you need to get up. We are almost at the hotel."He opened his eyes and said "Do I have to, I was having the most amazing dream."I tilted my head and said "oh really... and who was it about....Bryan White?"Brian busted out laughing and said "No..... not even close, it was about this amazing man that I love with all my heart."Of course I have to be bad.. who wouldnt.."Really" I said amazed.. "should we call him" I asked as I took out my cell phone.Brian was laughing and said "you know you can be such a pain in the ass sometimes."I started laughing and said "yes, but I am your pain in the ass."He turned and looked at me and said "yep you sure are.. and that makes me very happy."The limo came to a stop.. I motioned for Brian to get up so that I could sit up.I looked over at Brian and asked "how are you feeling?""Good babe, bnc model 575 how about you?" alex 14 model he said"As long as im with you im good sweetie""lets go to our room and get some rest babe.. im still tired." he said"sounds good to me.. but we need food before sleep.... ok...""Ok, I will order us something as soon as we get to the room, is there anything that you would like Babe?""Yes, anything that doesnt have meat in it would be great.. a salad or something would be nice Bri.""Ok a salad it shall be."Brian opened the limo door and stepped out.. I stepped out just a few seconds later and shut the door behind me. There were a few fans around so Brian stopped and signed autographs.. I went ahead and walked into the hotel and waited by the door. Brian came in about ten minutes later and said "Sorry.""Brian you have nothing to apologize about... its your job.. and I understand that, so dont beat yourself up about it ok.""Ok, so you ready to go?" he asked"You bet I am, im ready to go to bed." I said chuckling."Well ok then, Could it be with anyone that I know?""Yep I think you know this person pretty well. does this ring a bell, this person is smart, sexy, sweet and one hell of a kisser."He said "YOU ARE NOT GOING TO SLEEP WITH NICK!"I busted out laughing.. and said "Well ok, but I guess I only have one question for you then?""Ok" he said. you could tell he didnt want to know what the question was."How do you know if Nick is a good kisser or not?" I said slyly... I couldnt wait for this answer.he blushed and said "well, thats what I have been told.... yeah thats it." and started laughing.I looked at him and said "is there something you need to tell me Mr Littrell.""Yeah I guess there littlle models is, can we talk about it in the room though.""Sure" filipina model I said puzzled.We walked from the side entrance into the main lobby, we started past the reception desk when Brian stopped me and said "I will be back in a second""Ok Bri, I will wait over by the elevator.""Ok, this should only take a second I promise.""No prob Bri I will wait right here."He walked to the front desk and was talking to the reception person.I looked towards the lounge area only to see Nate standing outside the bar waiting for someone. Can you say instantly pissed..I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder and said... "Why are you not in bed young man, and why are you down here by yourself " and getting a little louder teenn nude models I said "and where is NICK?"Nate turned and looked at me and said "Oh... ummm.... hi dad." he knew I was not happy."Nate russian child modelsites where is Nick? and why are you down here all alone?""Daddy, im not alone, Nicks in there." and pointed at the bar."Oh really, and what is Nick doing in there Nate?" I was so angry.. I cant even tell you..Nate said "He was going to have a drink with somebody old, and told me to stay in the room, but I didnt want to so I came down here." you could see the tears in his eyes.I knelt down and kissed him on the forehead and said "Its not your fault Nate dont get upset."He hugged me and said "Daddy can we go home.""We will in the morning Pooh, but right now let me get you back upstairs and into bed."Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder.. I turned and looked at Brian, he could see the anger in my eyes.."What is nate doing down here? and where is Nick." he asked"Well from what I can get, he was meeting someone down here. and Nate followed." I said angrily.By the look on Brians face I could tell he was instantly pissed. "He did what? children sexy models you wait till imgboard model nude I get my hands on him, he is so dead.""After me Brian, you will wait in line after me." I spat out.I was trying to calm myself down but it wasnt working, I handed Nate to Brian and said "would you mind taking russian child modelsites Nate to the room and I will be up in a few minutes..... after I talk to Nick that is."Brian looked scared and said "Your not gonna hurt him are you"I smiled and said "Brian I am not a fighter unless I have to be, and no im not gonna hurt him, but you can bet your ass hes gonna hear a few things from me.""Well ok then, I guess he will get what he deserves." he saidBrian turned with Nate in his arms and started walking towards the elevator he stopped mid stride and turned and walked back to me. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a key card and handed it to me."This is for you, its so that we dont have any more problems with you getting in the room."I warmly smiled at him and said "thank you Brian."he smiled back and said "see you after you get done killing Nick." and chuckled as he walked away.I turned and walked into the bar, I scanned the area looking for a tall blond singer that was going to get a lashing.Ok dont get me wrong I would not hit him. I mean a verbal lashing.I spotted him sitting at the far end of the bar.. with his back to me.. I walked up and stood behind him, the stool beside him was empty so I sat down.The bartender walked up and said "Would you like something sir?""Yes, why dont you give me a Sprite ."He grabbed a glass, filled it with ice and then poured the sprite" I gave him young models fennix a five and he gave me my change.I sat and listened to Nick and his friend talk..Ok ok, I had to give myself time to calm down otherwise it wouldnt have been pretty. I sat there for about ten minutes when Nick swung around to order another drink for him and his friend, at first he didnt realize that it was me.. then you could see the light pop on in his head and his eyes got really big.. he stuttured out.. "Cha....... Chance, you guys are back already?I turned and faced him and said "weve been back for about 15 minutes now.. when we walked into the hotel I spotted my son standing by the lounge door waiting for you Nick!, It is 11:15 now..... he was suppose to be in bed 2 hours ago, but come amanda cronin model to find out he has been down here the whole time that you have.........why?? you ask...... because he didnt want to be alone!" I said raising my voice."Oh my god chance im so sorry, a friend I havent seen in a very long time called me, hes in town and wanted to get together."I put my hand up and said "Nick...... save the excuses.. I dont want to hear them.. I will and I do mean will talk to you about this in a more secluded and private area. look at my face Nick... I am not happy. you told me you would take care of him.. you left him in your room by himself where anything can happen. There is no excuse for what you did Nick....NONE AT ALL." I yelled.I turned to stand up and he grabbed my arm and said "Chance please... infoseek models girl im real..... thats where I cut him off.."Save it Nick I dont want to hear it.. im too tired to deal with this crap tonight.. but we will talk about it tomorrow morning, I can guarantee it." I pulled away from him and looked at his friend and said "Im sorry to interrupt you two."He just shrugged his shoulders and took another sip of his drink.I walked out of the Lounge and headed for the elevator, as I pushed the button I felt someone grab my arm. I turned and looked into Nicks eyes.. he looked like he wanted to cry."Im sorry Chance I know what I did was wro.... I again cut him off and said "this is not the place for this Nick.. not now and not here!"He backed away at my harsh words.. "Nick, Nate is my son, he is all young models fennix I have.. can you understand that!""Yes" he replied"No I dont think you can, but im sure someday when your a father you will." I said harshly..The elevator doors opened, I stepped in and pushed the button for the 21st floor...I was praying that Nick didnt get in with me I was to angry to talk with him at that time. The elevator doors slowly started to close........ ***************************************************I know i know i know ..... how many of you wanted to kill me after the first part.. LOLI hope you liked this chapter. nude gut models it was a hard one to write..let me know what you think Good bad or otherwise.. email me at Tnerb65aol.comcome on you all know how important it is for writers to hear feedback.. so i will be waiting..Thanks again for reading..Tnerb
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